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Misty Lashell Morrow

Hairstylist. Owner. Reiki Master. Teacher

Misty Knew she wanted to be a hairstylist since she was nine years old. One really bad hair experience after another fueled that flame for many years until she was allowed to start beauty school her senior year. She was then able to start honing in on those garage haircutting skills her friends and anyone willing to let her play, received.

She started her career shortly after that and absolutely loves the industry to this day. There was one main issue she faced day after day however and that was the fact that Misty is a very empathic and clairvoyant being who tended to take on all of her clients pain, sadness, and other negative energies. She also helped them navigate through many of life’s tricky situations and had always had a natural gift of helping people feel better and see the bright side.

She had heard the word ‘reiki’ here and there throughout her life and without knowing exactly what it was, felt very drawn to it time after time. When a friend was sick with cancer and receiving reiki treatments, was when it finally clicked that she needed this in her life more than anything. She fought with her doubt over it for awhile until she found someone who would teach and attune her to these healing energies. After the first class it then felt like destiny, like she had been waiting her whole life for something. Searching for it in the eyes and hearts of other people always coming back empty handed, until now. Her hands were on fire with a passion to touch anyone and everyone with this gift and a desire to know how to pass it on to other people. 

Misty went on to take many years of advanced energy healing classes including becoming a reiki master/teacher for exactly these reasons. She continues to take classes constantly to stay current in the art of hair and energy healing so she can be on point with her work.

She has been developing and merging these skills with hairstyling into a unique blended craft that is so seamless, many times the client may not realize exactly what is happening. Just that they feel better once they leave. Through this work she has developed coping skills and received many tools for not taking on other peoples energies and instead working with the client to transmute those energies in much healthier ways. 

She has a burning desire to share these gifts with you. Whether it be a blended healing through hair session, full on body work, or teaching you how to give yourself and others reiki. She is also developing a syllabus in order to teach other energy sensitive stylists how to protect themselves from taking on other peoples stuff and intuit what the client is most needing.




Hostess. Greeter. Professional Woof.

Petaluna or 'Petal' as we call her, is here for your emotional support throughout your experience at Frequency. She will happily greet you at the door and let me know when you have arrived. Her mission in this life is to teach people how to give and receive pure love. She is half chinese-crested and half havanese. A half hairless little floof that loves laps and naps. She's also a fan of playing with her stuffed unicorn, and long walks on the beach.

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