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Frequently asked questions:

 Q: What is Reiki?

 A: Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that works much like acupuncture. Instead 

 of using needles however, reiki uses universal energy harnessed by the practitioner that is 

 transferred using a gentle touch of the hands.

 Q: Can I opt out of receiving the treatment if I just want my hair done?

 A: Of course. Receiving energy work cannot be forced. If the client is not open to the 

 energy work then it will not be transferred. Plain and simple.

Q: Will reiki make me feel awake and full of energy or tired?

A: Although reiki is great for insomnia, it doesn't mean you're going to leave tired. Its really different for everybody and each session you may leave feeling a variety of sensations. In general most clients feel very relaxed at the end of a treatment. They often report better sleep, feeling less 

stressed, very rejuvenated.. etc...

Q: What is energy healing or reiki good for?

A: reiki is efficient at healing up old wounds and matters of the heart. Is great for people who are having trouble sleeping, helping to correct eating disorders, to compliment with cancer treatments, depression, anxiety, reduces stress, and helps with so much more depending on each persons unique and individual needs.


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